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Kids Corner: Solve, Watch & Find!

Welcome back to Kids Corner!

Today’s post is a mashup of amusing animal riddles, amazing animal videos (thanks National Geographic!) and an outdoor animal scavenger hunt. If you’re ready to test your brain power, learn some cool facts and get moving outside...then let’s get to it!

Riddle Me This...

First up, let’s get your brain pumping with some animal riddles. Use your mouse to highlight the answers!

Riddle: I have no eyes, no legs, no arms and no ears. But I can make the earth move. What am I?

Answer: A worm!

Did you get this one right? Give yourself 10 points!

Riddle: I’m named after the animal I eat. What am I?

Answer: An anteater!

How’d you do on this one? If you got it get 30 points!

Riddle: One of the most beautiful creatures you’ll ever find, I have two eyes in front and many more behind. What am I?

Answer: A peacock!

Did you nail it? This one was tough. Give yourself 50 points!

Riddle: I’m a fruit, a type of bird and a person from New Zealand. What am I?

Answer: A kiwi!

If you got this one right, you really know your stuff. A correct answer earns you 70 points!

Riddle: I share my name with a dessert, and something you might put in your hair. You call me by the same name whether there is one of me or one hundred. What am I?

Answer: A moose!

We know the Canadians got this one...30 points for a correct answer!

Riddle: I never leave the water, but I breathe air. I stay in school my whole life. What am I?

Answer: A dolphin!

Did you get this one right too? Okay, hot shot, give yourself another 20 points!

What was your total score? Let us know in the comment section!

Amazing Animal Video from Nat Geo Kids

Want to learn about some incredible animals while you relax with your device? We do too, and we found the motherload of cool animal videos from Nat Geo Kids!

Check out their Amazing Animals video page HERE!

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we especially love the Giant Pacific Octopus, The Gentoo Penguin and the Gila Monster! (That’s right, a MONSTER...and they’re from New Mexico too!)

What’s your favorite amazing animal video? Let us know in the comments!

Animal Scavenger Hunt

Is it just us, or are you loving being outside in the fall weather too? We hope you are! And if you’re looking for a way to have fun outside, we’ve put together an animal-themed scavenger hunt that you can do right in your own backyard! (Or the park, a forest preserve, on a hiking trail...get creative!)

(CLICK HERE for a PDF of the scavenger hunt)

Thanks for stopping by Kids Corner!

Is there something special you'd like to learn about? Leave a comment to let us know!

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