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"Our prime purpose in life is to help others."

  - The 14th Dalai Lama

About Our Founders

Brent and Eileen DePonte, with their sons Brent Dew and Bryan, split their time between Albuquerque, NM and Key Largo, FL. Living at the base of the Sandia Mountains and spending so much time exploring the ocean has fostered in them a deep love and respect for the wildlife that often visits in their own backyard. This has guided their history of philanthropy for nearly four decades. Beginning with individual gifts, the DePontes have maintained a focus across their philanthropic endeavors on supporting nonprofits working for the wellbeing of domestic and wild animals, as well as families and children.

"All you need to know about people is how they treat kids and animals."                                                                                               - Brent DePonte

Our Vision

Our vision is to live in a world in which no humans or animals fall through the cracks of society. We wish to see a reality in which all people - regardless of financial means, race, ethnicity, gender or beliefs - and all animals - wild or domestic - are shown the respect and compassion that all life deserves. In our vision, all beings have access to a safe, loving environment; to food and medical care; and to healthy and healing relationships that foster a joyful existence.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Mission

Our mission is to afford positive outcomes for animals and children through grant giving, partnerships and creative solutions that support organizations working for animal and family wellbeing. 

     We are dedicated to improving the lives of animals of all species - wild and domestic by supporting existing efforts to rescue and aid the animals that have been abandoned, abused or without the safety and care they need. 

     We are dedicated to reconnecting children and families with animals to show them the awesome transformational power of these beings in our lives: how they can heal us, teach us and bring us to a state of awe and wonder.  Through our educational initiatives, we are working to build more compassionate relationships between humans and animals - in our homes and in the wild - so that we may live together in harmony.

     We have the utmost gratitude and respect for the thousands of people and organizations worldwide working to achieve equity for all beings. May our efforts to enhance the lives of others connect us to something greater than ourselves.


Guiding Principles

Guided by the vision of our founders, we strive to make a significant and positive impact on the lives of others. Our efforts to achieve this vision are led by our

guiding principles.

  • Transparency: We ensure the availability of relevant, reliable information about the performance, financial position and governance of the foundation.

  • Impact: We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for achieving measurable results. 

  • Integrity: We value honesty and strive to uphold the continuity between appearance and reality; between intention and action; and between promise and performance, in every aspect of our work.

  • Collaboration: We build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships in order to further the reach of our efforts, as well as those of our partners.

Our Promise

In line with our core values of Transparency, Impact, Integrity and Collaboration, we strive in every way to keep operating expenses at a minimum so that the highest percentage of donations possible goes directly to our partners. Not only do we thoroughly vet our grantees prior to beginning a partnership,

but we also work closely with all grant recipients to ensure that

our efforts - and your contributions - are getting results.

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Board of Directors

Brent DePonte
President & Chairman

Eileen DePonte

Vice President

Lenay Eiber-DePonte

Millika DePonte


Brent Dew DePonte

Project Development



Gaelan de Wolf

Executive Director

Ms. De Wolf has experience in business management and operations. She has conducted international training programs in Australia, Greece, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK and throughout North America. Her duties include administrative and compliance responsibilities, securing contracts, overseeing work being completed by third party vendors and communicating with members of the Board.

billnew2 (1).jpg

Bill Basso

Grant Administrator &

Donor Relations

Mr. Basso has an extensive background in client relations, business operations, public speaking and conducting domestic and international training programs.  His duties include building and maintaining our grant management system, researching and vetting potential grantees, pursuing relationships with a broad spectrum of entities and individuals, and general administration.


CB Photography-394.jpg

Christine Iversen
Website & Blog Administrator

Ms. Iversen is a writer and content creator with over a decade of professional writing experience, both in corporate settings and as a journalist. She has a master's degree in global health and a bachelor's degree in science journalism. Ms. Iversen has lived and worked in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Kenya, and Thailand before settling in New Mexico.  Her duties include maintaining the website and writing weekly blog posts.

CB Photography-381.jpg

Jennifer Matysiak
Social Media
Content Creator

Ms. Matysiak has a bachelor's in Psychology and is an advocate for animal, human and environmental rights. She has traveled the world through work exchanges and volunteering abroad, which in turn has left her with a diverse portfolio. Her professional background includes working as an office assistant, teaching English, childcare, blog writing, farm work, leading yoga classes, cooking for a retreat center, and more.

Form 1023 and annual IRS filings available by request. Please email for copies.

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