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When we look at the profound work being done on behalf of animals, children and their families - in so many capacities - we are inspired. We are inspired by the vast potential for connection, healing, giving and love that exists in this field and believe that by joining forces, we can truly become the change we wish to see in the world.

If you are as excited as we are about the possibility of lasting, healing change, please read on to see how you can contribute - through DPFF or our partners directly. 


Volunteers Serving Food
Volunteers Serving Food


Your time is an incredible gift to give. DPFF is always welcoming volunteer team members to join us in the office or out in the field. 

Must love: All creatures covered in fur, feathers, scales or skin; dad jokes (the punnier the better!); and the unbridled laughter of children...

and some childlike adults.


We encourage you to donate directly to our partner organizations, all of whom we are proud to say are having tremendous impact in their respective fields. You can find a list of our partners on the Programs page with links to their websites.

If you wish to increase the impact of your donation to one of our partners, DPFF will add 25% to all donations (up to $1,000) made through the foundation. Please use the button below to donate to a partner organization through DPFF. Indicate in the note section of your donation the organization you'd like to contribute to, and we will submit 100% of your increased donation to them in your name. 

DPFF also welcomes donations made to the foundation to help with operating costs and to increase our grant-giving capabilities. If you wish to donate to DPFF, please use the button below.

Image by Matt Nelson


In line with our core values of Transparency, Impact, Integrity and Collaboration, we strive in every way to keep operating expenses at a minimum so that the highest percentage of donations possible goes directly to our partners. Not only do we thoroughly vet our grantees prior to beginning a partnership,

but we also work closely with all grant recipients to ensure that

our efforts - and your contributions - are getting results.


We'd love to hear from you

Image by Victor Grabarczyk

NM: 505-738-3733

FL: 305-850-7270

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