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National Efforts To Rescue Animals in Need After Hurricane Ida

Residents in Louisiana and beyond are still reeling from category 4 Hurricane Ida, which touched down in the state on August 29. More than 630,000 homes and businesses were still without power on Sunday, and the human death toll has risen to at least 50.

The human toll of the storm is certainly immense. But there’s another rescue effort underway that those in the animal welfare world are taking note of -- the efforts to rescue the cats and dogs left homeless, injured, or abandoned after the disaster.

We did some digging in the news to find out the scope of these efforts. It’s quite incredible to see the animal rescue community in action during an emergency: shelters throughout the country opening their doors, with trucks and planes transporting hundreds of animals at a time.

Here is a roundup of some of these inspiring stories:

  • TODAY: Animal shelters from across the country are doing their part to help evacuate the animals displaced by Hurricane Ida. From Washington, DC to San Diego, from Florida to Texas, the article talks about how the nation is pulling together to help these animals.

  • ABC News in Philadelphia: 60 cats and 50 dogs were relocated to the area, and the next day, “the line was out the door to adopt.” A total of 168 pets were adopted at the time of publication. Way to go Philadelphia!

  • Chicago Tribune: PAWS Chicago on their way back home, carrying 50 cats and dogs to the city. The organization is also collecting donations of supplies for partner shelters affected by the hurricane. Thanks for your good work, PAWS Chicago!

  • ABC 3 in Louisiana: The Humane Society of Louisiana has successfully evacuated hundreds of homeless pets from area shelters and rescues with the help of national charities, local shelters, and adoption partners. Keep up the good work on the frontlines!

  • Daily Advertiser: A greater number of animals are finding their way out of this hurricane and into loving homes than in years past, thanks in large part to social media and the efforts of a growing network of nonprofits and volunteers. The article highlights the efforts of JPAWS and the Louisiana National Guard. We applaud your efforts too!

  • The Washington Post: The newspaper reports on a $45,000 effort, funded by the Michigan-based Bissell Pet Foundation, to relocate more than 130 pets in need to the Washington D.C. area. Thank you for your life-saving relocation efforts!

  • KENS5 San Antonio: More than 100 cats and dogs have arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society. To help all pets find their loving homes, SAHS launched the “Hurricane Ida Adoption Special,” offering a 50% discount on all pet adoption fees until further notice. Thanks for doing your part, San Antonio!

  • WINK News Miami: The Humane Society of Broward County in Florida took in dozens of dogs and cats from Louisiana shelters. According to the article, the animals were adopted so quickly that they opened their doors to take in 80 more. Thanks for opening your homes to these animals, Florida!

This is just a small snapshot of the national effort to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehouse the hundreds if not thousands of animals who have lost their homes due to the hurricane.

We are in awe of the compassion and coordination of shelters coast to coast who have opened up their doors to these animals in need.

Have you been thinking about getting a pet? Now is certainly a great time to welcome an animal in need into your home. Be sure to check your local news outlets and local shelters to find your potential new family member!

A huge thank you to everyone involved -- whether you’re on the ground rescuing, driving a transport truck, raising donations, collecting supplies, opening your shelter doors, or adopting!

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