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“Only a life lived for others

is a life worthwhile.”

 - Albert Einstein

Our Mission

Brent and Eileen DePonte are passionate champions for the wellbeing of animals and children. For many years, they have contributed to animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption organizations throughout New Mexico, as well as to school and family support programs in the Albuquerque area. In 2020, they established the DePonte Family Foundation (DPFF) in order to increase the efficacy of their efforts. In pursuit of that vision, the foundation provides grants to organizations working to improve the lives of domestic and wild animals, and to those working to enrich the lives of children and families.

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Research & Education

Animals Are Superheroes

Visit our "Learn" page to explore recent articles and scientific research that showcase the myriad of ways animals are working to heal and inspire us. Scientists, researchers and animal care workers are discovering new animal superpowers each day, deepening our wealth of knowledge about the healing and transformational power that animals have on our lives - and that we can have on theirs.

Come get inspired!

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Grantee Spotlight

Tamaya Horse Rescue

We are proud to continue our ongoing association with Tamaya Horse Rescue in San Ysidro, NM. Started by riding coach and horse enthusiast Connie Collis in 2012, the Tamaya Horse Rehab Program rehabilitates and retrains neglected, abused, unwanted and abandoned horses from across the US. Connie's belief is that by training rescue or unwanted horses, they have a purpose and home forever.

     Head to our "Programs" page to learn more about our partnerships.

Foundation News & Events


Thanks for your support.

Our impact is greater when we're working together.

Whether it is a donation of your time, financial support or simply sharing your encouragement, we'd love to have you on our team.

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